yellow selections for cocktail

I been sick... I'm having a tough time shaking it. My small airways collapsed and filled with bronchitis. I didn't even know I was sick until I started coughing up yellow mucus. It's really pulled me down this time. The Dr put me on steroids and its hurt me more than helping. I couldn't sleep but 4 hrs a night and felt exhausted, & emotional not to mention the ravaging appetite & horrible leg cramps that come with it. I hope they get me straightened out soon, I'm not read yellow selections for cocktail ... y to throw in the towel yet. I've taken 2 sets of antibiotics and still cough until I nearly throw up. My white blood cells are up so I think that I still have infection but I can't get the Pulmonology Dr to see me until 9/1. Adena ER Dr. put me in 2 days of bed-rest. Say a prayer for me, I need as much help as I can get. I may have to go back to my medical doctor again.

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