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Hey, Coach Ron with some awesome protein research. One important point -- the old 'grams of protein per kilo of bodweight' recommendation may leave smaller athletes undernourished. Other important points from this research: Protein quality and protein quantity are of primary importance, while protein timing is also important. In other words, eat high quality sources of protein (lean meats, eggs, protein supplements, and plant-based protein-rich foods), get enough protein for vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length ... the day (as little as 120 grams, or as much as 160 grams, depending on you and your goals), and space those meals out so your body can digest them optimally. The study recommends 3 regular meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as a pre-bed protein feeding. The last part might be an interesting thing to try for someone who is already following a solid diet.

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Perfecting Protein Intake in Athletes: How Much, What, and When? This article looks at the protein intake habits of top athletes, evidence-based protein intake advice, and advanced hypotheses for maximizing

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