sister of groom

Queenie is an Ragamuffin long haired girl, up to date on all her shots and spayed long ago. Queenie is an loving girl and one pet family. she doesn't do well with small dogs or loud hyper dogs either. Queenie didn't like the most chill pup we had here while fostering or my two tabby boys over the length of time we had her inside. Queenie didn't mess with our fish tanks so fish would be fine.

She loves to watch cat tv on Youtube bird and square ll videos and cuddle. Not sure how she would be with small children. Children who know how to not pull her hair or tail would be best! Queenie does speak her mind and tell you if she doesn't like something your doing that includes love bites and lightly clawing. *She was part wild and uses her paws to express her self.

Prior to that she was found as an stray in bad condition and feral. It took time to tame her and get use to people again, now she loves people and only wants to be someones center of attention and your shadow. Queenie was weary of us for months until she started to trust us and feeding her instead of getting into the trash cans like she was running from one house to another ect. Honestly, don't know how long she was on her own just that she is very sweet and loves grooming multiple times a day with her favorite brush which we put into kennel to go with her.

Queenie is an great mouser and hunter as well for rodent control. She plays like an kitten and is an carpet surfer! Puzzles and mind games she is great at, and she is smart at and great at doing things including clicker training. Queenie is an escape artist and figures out stuff if u leave something open and not closed ect. She knows how to beg and sit down and down and off when u wave her off the table. roll over, stay, follow fetch a bit even not perfect lol. You will just have to let her warm up to you to begin with and yes she is very entertaining and will find many things to entertain her self with for hours if not given something to keep her busy. She loves temtation treats and wet food pate chicken and the seafood ones too. extra soft blankets and cat trees be an must have for her. Queenie is at the Smyrna, TN Petsmart up for adoption and more info on her later. btw her fur coat changes colors! from her winter coat to summer it looks different. sister of groom :)

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