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? ? ? ? ? Good morning friends......I was at the pharmacy yesterday evening where I met an elderly white gentleman shopping for some dressing materials.As I was also looking for the same things, he asked me to help him out.As I advised him about the dressing materials, the gentleman narrated his story......

He was working in Penang many many years ago.He used to frequent a clinic nearby his workplace whenever he was not well.He made friends with one of the clinic nurses who used to live in a fishing village.During that era, society did not approve of their daughters dating white men and so their relationship was shunned by the villagers.The white men fell in love with the simple English speaking girl and promised to marry her and take her back to his homeland.The gentleman spoke of this young nurse very gently and tenderly.I felt that he must have loved this young nurse very much.

Sad to say one day he received a telegram(it was telegram then whenever there was an emergency) saying that his father was very ill.He rushed to his homeland,promising the young nurse that he would soon return to marry her.

A terrible shock awaited him in his homeland when he went back.His father's family business was burnt to the ground and his father had passed away of a heart attack.He wrote many letters to explain his situation to his nurse girlfriend explaining and reassuring her that he will return once he had settled matters in his homeland.There was no reply whatsoever from the nurse from Malaysia.The poor man was in a dilemma.Back home his entire family depended on him to set his father's business right.Then one night his mother suggested he marry one of his father's best friends only daughter who was willing to help them out financially. More letters were posted to the nurse and yet no reply returned.Finally, he married his father's friends daughter and built up his family business.He only came to know that his wife had a severe mental illness at his wedding night.There were days she would be a soft and gentle wife and there were days when she became aggressive and violent.Doctors advised him not to have any children and so life was very lonely for this gentleman.He never stopped writing to the nurse as she was always in his mind.He could not come back to Malaysia as his wife's health deteriorated as years past by.She became a recluse....she refused to eat and became very violent when the husband tried to feed her. simple beach wedding dresses

After many years of suffering, his wife committed suicide.She hung herself one night when the husband was out buying materials for his factory.She hit the poor servant who went into her room to give her her meals and she hung herself.The devasted husband rushed back home but could not save his wife.

The gentleman returned to Malaysia to look for his beloved nurse.It took him years to finally find her.The fishing village was still there but nobody knew who he was looking for.He did not recognize any of the new fishermen nor their family.He literally lived at the seaside searching for his girlfriend until one night a very young Malay fisherman remembered the white man.He used to live with his grandfather when he was a young boy and he used to see the white man walking back the nurse home.

He found her in an old folks home....she was working there.When he walked into the kitchen the white man saw her cutting vegetables.She was thin and shabbily dressed, she looked so different from the last time he saw her.He called her name softly....she slowly looked up.....she took some time to recognize him.....with tears in her eyes, she hopped towards him.She had lost a leg to diabetes!!

Now, this her story........

Her parents married her off to a fisherman after the white man left for his home.Her parents never gave her any of the letters that he posted to his girlfriend.Her fisherman husband was a very jealous man and used to hit her every time he thought of his wife's white boyfriend.Her mother in law abused her and made her work like a slave until she miscarried her babies.Finally, her husband died in the sea one rainy night and her mother in law chased her out of the house.Her parents did not take her back.So she ended up working in the home until her leg was amputated.

The white gentleman has taken her under his care.She lives with him and they are very happy.He does her dressing for her leg which is healing now and she does the cooking.Both of them are no longer young but they help each other.Their past time is walking along the beach.

"We have so much to talk and there is so little time but we are not really bothered.....we have each other that is all that matters," he told me happily as he paid for his dressing materials.

I asked him if I could post his story and he replied jovially,"Write a book about will be a best seller.....please do post our love story".

At the end of the day,"Love conquers all".Right friends.I am off to bed.......

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