pink color wedding bridal selections

I just want to share my personal experience with Indian clothes vendors I had experienced during my wedding process this is no attack to anyone this is purely my personal experience within this store.
I had purchased all my outfits from the same store and when we were doing the ordering and looking at swatches ect I was assured every time when we would start the process all over again for another outfit (bridal,bridesmaid groomsmen ect) that there would be no issue with anything and everything would come out exactly how I wanted they said because I had given them so many details to go off of weather it be a; colors swatch, photos, physical fabric or embroidery swatch/colors to match etc.

I first received my bridal outfit and it was amazing, it came out perfectly and was exactly like what we talked about in every way so of course I wasnt worried about how the rest of the outfits would turn out. One thing I was worried about was it was almost 2 months over the estimated arrival time that they had told me for the remaining outfits. Previously, I had advised them that we would need the remaining outfits on time because there wasnt a huge time frame for adjustments before the wedding date (their estimated time was roughly a month before events.)
I was sadly, extremely disappointed when my bridesmaids outfits arrived, they were horrible, nothing of what I had expected them to look like or what we had discussed (I will attach photos of my inspo to what we receieved.)
The outfits were wrong in many ways, firstly the color. I had picked a salmon color and received everything in bubblegum pink. The color was the most important to me because every outfit was suppose to be the exact same. Before ordering, I chose a shade #192, from the store and advised I wanted bridesmaids, groomsmen and sisters outfits to be in the same color. Second, I wanted the outfits to be above the knee but they were made almost down to the floor, no border/kaddahi, chuni made heavier than I wanted.
I made similar outfits for my sister in-laws to match the bridesmaids in color and pattern ect but be a little heavier so you could tell they were my husbands sisters- but when their outfits came in, I was upset and hurt because they were completely wrong, I was left feeling upset because my husbands sisters thought those were the outfits I had wanted them to wear.
My sister in law ended up going with her mother in law to go speak to the owner (my mother in law has passed away so her mother in law helped us) because he wanted us to pay additional for their outfits. So they went in, talked to the owner and were provided 2 ready made outfits from the rack for them to wear that were somewhat similar, they came to the agreeance that they could have these outfits to make up for their mistake- at no additional cost. He then proceeded to text me for more money and asked one of my husbands sisters to give him additional money when she came to pick up her outfit after adjustments.

Now for the groomsmen outfits, we ordered them four months before our wedding and they assured us that that was plenty of time for them to arrive and be fitted according to measurements. Well they were very wrong, the outfits didnt arrive until 2 days before my wedding events started but a lot of the groomsmen work and also dont live in Surrey, so they had to go out there and wait 3 hours for them to fix the outfit the day of and miss 1 pre-event because of how long it took there.

Before all these hiccups started I told the store owner I would pay half of everyone's bill now and as they come to pick up there outfits they are responsible to pay the remainder (I told everyone a head of time they had to pay remainder on pick up) everyone was fine with it, when my bridal party was there to pick up there outfits they asked and he said it was ok for now but than after everyone has their outfits, he then asked me to come and pay the remainder of the bill. I responded I told you at the begining I'd pay half and than as they come to pick up they'll have to pay the rest I asked everyone they all said they asked him before leaving he checked the book and said it was good, could of been mistaken but how is it my fault they're not gonna beg you to take their money and plus my bridal party has been back and forth to his store MULTIPLE times with me throughout the whole year and a half and always was looking at the book but hed say 1 thing but wouldnt write it down he said "___" pink color wedding bridal selections

I will say the store has good selection but they have a horrible way of keeping track of all there clients / clients info what they ordered or paid ect and the trailor anything related to sewing the owner say he cant help you or anyone for that matter besides the seamstresses but sadly they dont speak english and that alone caused many of my fustrations and COUNTLESS trips to Surrey for something that wasnt ready or was in so their error ment that I would have to leave work early or drive 45mins each way I know I didnt have to do this but I just wanted my outfit headache to be finished and checked off my list.

I just wanted to tell everyone some times to save some money isnt worth all the headaches, stress (because it did cause alot of stress and silly fights) or waste of gas and time (your times important when planning a wedding)... When planning an Indian wedding spend a little more I know you wear it once but all the stress of the outfits being so late, wrong when they come in and since they came so late that there was no time left to even fix the issue it literally made my heart sink, I had planned everything for a year and a half to have my vision fall apart right in front of me without me being able to do anything.... It's your job with owning a store you should have your Indian distributors/ shipping routes/companys all figured out and you should be able to touch bases with them well they're in the middle of making the outfit so you can catch it if something is wrong not until it arrives in your store.

On top of everything the orginal outfits they made for my sister in-laws and they were selling them on the floor for a few hundred dollars they wanted us to still pay for the outfits that they were now selling. I am just beyond shocked because of the relationship I thought we had

Sorry this was long but I just had to be 100% honest so brides in the future are aware of what they're getting into... Not saying for just 1 outfit they might have done better but with multiple and wedding season in full effect it seemed too over whelmed them and my special day took the brunt of there errors which wasn't fair.

I have attached photos, and all the outfits were suppose to be the same shade.

I wanted you all to read this before knowing who made my outfits, it was Bhatia Fashion in Payal Buisness Center


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