petite wedding dresses

we saw her in a 10 - gallon silver box carrying it out of here and on the top - it was packed to the topof course with new clothes and we recall a cherry blossom japanese belt with a wood belt buckleton the top. avon had some like that on sale also the expeniave expensive japan store in australia had something like this on sale and we do not know from which store we bought that sash bet, but it was on top in that box. it was of course still in the whitepaper it came in but not in a plastic bag. it was mostly wrapped and we'd surely not touched it maybe a bit but maybe not maybe only put it in on top but we wash lids and wash hands if we touched wi it without without washing our hands it would be surprising and maybe did just frustrated tryin to clean but we keep things kept it pretty clean like that. really clean.
we put the few hats that we had on the tabale in a shoe box in there. table. hats. we had 3 more of those ninja hijabs' though from amazon and they wre in a bag- asia style and they were in here on the futon frame which she moved and she was in here attacking the pile and moved it by the window. we asked why she moved it there she said it was in the middle or soemthing.
234's up there knocking loud and loud up there so much noise veyr loud and a car was in the back drive just before that he's drawering it to his gun drawer. it looks better when we put up the hats. the one flower hat left could go in there too maybe - best to color code decorate it. we had many of the flower hats but she carried them out in a box- she had thelid off we saw the hats on the top but now we only see one hat in here. we had a bright pink and light pink one and the one in here's pink and white we also had a rose pink and white hat and more too probably yes coz there were many in the box she took out but we have not found a box with hats on top again in here so she trashed the whole box or else just the items on top / we can get a shot of it. it's just got fake flowers on the side and a long tie and it's polyester chiffon or whatever and it's a bonnet/ cap/ hat. they were selling them on ebay and we do not know if they still sell them but they had them in many colors. /the underscarf and hat are nice there it's silky! it reminds us of asia photos we have seen somehow the underscarf thing. the hat may slp off without the scaf and hard to put your hair up without it. but that's the kind of things in the boxes at least some of them. who knows what was in those boxes but it was new clothes mostly from ebay a lot but coats, too and we had some things ;yes it's ebay but just the america shopping channel stuff on there. but it was on ebay - those were modern suits! winter clotehs and a lounger and it all is mostly all it's like islamic it's middle eastern type stuff we saw even teh pants material was but black suit pants . it's long pants. abaya looking stuff though the peach material we heard they had that in the iddle east was popular -one of the pants was made of this fabric black dress pants and petite sizes! abaya type tops but it came in style!!! it's knock-off's from the real expensive fashion designers who advertise - they always do this. petite wedding dresses

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