orange homecoming dresses

Some people say I'm insane, I tell em aint shit changed. I'm still the same lame asshole with a different name. Came late to the last show with a different dame. Brainche from the lasso then I sniffed the cocaine. You know you're spaced the fuck out like George Lucas when your puke is turning to yellowish orange mucus. So when I grab a pen and squeeze it between fingers, I'm NOT a rapper. I'm a demon who speaks english. A freak genius, too extreme for the weak and squeamish. ... Burn you alive unti you're screaming to be extinguished. Because when I drop the science, motherfuckers tell me to stop the violence. Start a fire and block the hydrants. I'm just a mean person you've never seen worse than. Stopping your short life when you still a young person, unless you get a kidney specialist and a spleen surgeon in the best hospital possible for emergency surgery. Try to stop the blood from your ruptured sternum internally. I take it back to before we knew each ohers names. Run into ultrasound and snatch you out your mothers frame. I'll take it further back than that, back to lovers lane to the night you was thought of and cockblock your fathers game... orange homecoming dresses

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