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Im so MAD.. I have been trying to get Cashes Risperidone refilled for a week!! Ive called the Dr office every day..Ive been to the pharmacy 3 times..He has been out of his medication since Monday. I freak out today and all im told is the Dr. isnt in today I dont know why she hasnt read the mssg. leave another mssg for the pediatrition AGAIN.

'Choosing to stop taking this medication can ultimately be a very wise, positive, and even life changing choice. However, this wise deci ... sion can often bring about Risperdal (risperidone)withdrawal syndrome; symptoms of this withdrawal syndrome can be uncomfortable physically and mentally and usually require Risperdal withdrawal treatment. Never stop Risperdal cold turkey, withdrawing from an antipsychotic should never be done without talking to the doctor who prescribed it to you. If you desire to withdraw from this drug, talk to the prescribing doctor first. There is a chance that some doctors will not support the decision to get off of the medication, in these cases; consult a rehabilitation center or alternative type of doctor.' online store wedding items with affordable price

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