long maxi wears which look beautiful

My Name Is Cy WRITTEN BY JESSICA ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Episode 28
Anthonia: Cynthia why don't you buy this dress it's beautiful.
Cy:it beautiful yes, but it too exposed . this gown is for only prostitutes not me and beside grandma will not let me wear this our of her house . long maxi wears which look beautiful
Isabella: talking about house , Cynthia can your grandma help me call my mom , just to tell her we got a project # you Know how my Mom can be.
Lovely:let all go to the party from Cynthia house.
All: that's true.
Cynthia: what am I supposed to tell grandma.
Anthonia: that we got a party to go and we need our permission.
Cy: okay guys, talking about party how cute is that Max.
All:so so cute.
Anthonia: you got to get ur self a boyfriend , you always been no your too young I think that is in the past now.
Cy : forget guys I made a mistake asking you a question.
Anthonia: what ever.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Mrs Williams :hey dear welcome home (pecks her daughter).
Anthonia: evening mom and going to Cynthia house would you mind driving me there.
Mrs Williams: would you not have dinner.
Anthonia:no mom I will have dinner at Cynthia house .
Mrs Williams: okay dear let go.
Anthonia: your the best mom.
Mrs Williams:be home before 12 pm is that clear.
Anthonia:yes Mom.
Cynthia:grand ma I promise to be home before 12 am I promise.
Cy grandma: alright it has been long since you had some fun.
.............. ,*******************/*****
Door bell ringing.
Cynthia:hey am coming.opens the door for Isabella, Anthonia and lovely.
All: good evening ma.
Cy grandma: how are you doing girl .
All: fine .
Cy grandma:let have dinner before you guys get dressed .
All: ok ma.
Cy:let go and dress.
They all had there baths and braded there hair.
Anthonia:wow we look great.
Cy:we're is my ? .
Isabella: sorry Cynthia I got to change the dress you bought to some thing like mine.
Cy: can I see my new dress.
Am not wearing that it too open.

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