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Trust Me: Broken Boys #1.5.
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Celebrate Halloween with Dylan and Oz all while finding out what costumes they wear, what fun activities they have planned and how our 'broken boys' build new memories!

Trust Me is not a standalone. It should be read after Don’t Let Go (Broken Boys #1), which can be found here:
? https://amzn.to/2CKjftm ?


On the eve of Halloween and the day itself, Dylan tries to put his fears aside to give Oz an unforgettable night and day before the holiday. In the bedroom and out, he has plans. Feasts and traditional Halloween activities have a place in the day between shenanigans, and he looks forward to creating fond memories with his boyfriend without interruption from the outside world. long evening dresses

Cookies, costumes, crops, and carving pumpkins aren’t the only plans on the agenda for Dylan and Oz, but they’re the ones that are more welcome than the dark thoughts lurking in their brains.

Will the demons that haunt their minds ruin Dylan and Oz’s day together, or will they be able to banish those ghosts long enough to have a bright day in spite of themselves?

This book contains realistic detailed depictions of mental illnesses as well as portraying BDSM and a D/s lifestyle.

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