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As the people who are close to me know what this past month has done to me. I now have a pic line and infectious disease is watching cultures positive for e-coli. I've had 2 pus pockets that have drains that are getting better. Potassium was low. Bilirubin was 8x higher. gall bladder removed. Liver failure. I am so appreciative that my mom came to see me! Thank you Melinda for driving here. Christian will be here soon! My family is the most important to me! Maftthew for holding my hand walking me down the hall. Corey for making me laugh. Marissa for chicken noodle soup. A dear friend latest 2018 prom party gowns in tea length Tamilyn Morris washing my pissy pajama pants new body spray (I was funky) adult coloring book with colored pencils (I was headed for a psych evaluation) ad my pretty robe to cover up my ass pajamas to keep me warm THANK YOU

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