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Just a glimpse into the last week of my life.

If you don't want details then just stop reading now and keep your opinions to yourself please.

Don't let anyone tell you bleeding and cramping in early pregnancy is normal. Yes, implantation bleeds are things but ALL spotting/bleeding should be investigated in early pregnancy.


After a year of trying we got our positive on 6/3. We were so excited. We told our family and close friends. It slipped onto Facebook shortly after which is a blessing because now I can be open and honest about everything. I don't regret telling people one bit. Honestly the support of our loved ones is keeping me sane at the moment...

On 6/6 we had an appointment with the OB because I was on a low dose of Prozac(which is a safer medication but I stopped it anyway) and I had been spotting. They weren't going to do anything until I mentioned the spotting. They ordered a beta hcg. I asked if the doc could order a progesterone and she said no. I'm nurse and I remembered spotting can be a sign of low progesterone. garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue

My hcg was rising very slowly. Started at 31 and by 6/14 was only up to 154. I knew something was wrong and all this doctor did was check my hcg despite me begging for her to check my progesterone.

Hcg went to 78, then 75 on Monday. I assumed a loss but she wanted to check again. It went up to 154 (a glimmer of hope)

Finally, after I begged because I was still spotting and cramping, she did check my progesterone on 6/14. My progesterone was 7. Not high enough to sustain a pregnancy. I got supplements that day but it was all in vain. 6/16 my beta hcg is 76 and I am now bleeding.

My short lived pregnancy is over. Our dreams are crushed. A year of trying and this. No one deserves this.

If you feel something is wrong then fight for it. And ladies, if you're bleeding in early pregnancy; even spotting, do not let them tell you it is completely normal.

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