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A Very Happy Heavenly 74th Birthday to my Mom, GlorieJune Mary Marie Spies Partch.

74 years ago today she was born out at the Spies Family Farm in Saint Peter, Kansas. It wasn't until after I had helped her die in November - December of 2003 that I learned that she had No Name on her Birth Certificate until 1974. All her Birth Certificate read before that was "Baby Girl". My Grandparents had fought over what to name my Mom. My Grandma, AnnaMaria Braun Spies, called her "Glorie", and my Grandpa, August Spies Sr., called her "June". Eventually over time they did tie her names together. This picture of my Mom was a Gift to me from her on the Valentine's Day that my Mom was 50 years old. It was taken just prior to her going totally blind due to her Diabetes. Other than one portrait of her in her Wedding Dress and one Family Photo taken just after my little brother was born these are the only times my Mother had her picture taken professionally. She did have 2 pictures taken with her entire Spies Family; once when she was a very little girl (It is in Black & White), and once with her Mom & Dad and all her Brothers (5) and Sisters (5), just before the Death of my Dear Uncle Daniel "Danny" Spies. My Mom was the second to the youngest of 11 Children. (That portrait is in Color, and last known to still be in my Dad's possession.). My Mom died on December 4, 2003. Ten years after this picture was taken. black wedding dresses

She is missed!

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