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At one time the community of Frankford was here. White Rock Creek is just to the east. The cemetery is now in the middle of the Bent Tree North subdivision. It is on the same land as the Church of the Holy Communion of Frankford, Episcopal. This was originally a Methodist church. The long wooden building in the middle is the old Addison train station. Both the church and cemetery have historical markers.
According to the historical marker, the cemetery has been associated with the White Rock Masonic Lodge, No. 234, since the 1870's. Lodge members served on the Cemetery Association Board. The cemetery is no longer associated with the Masonic Lodge. There is currently a disagreement between the Masonic Lodge and the Cemetery Association about who owns the approximately 1 acre of additional of land that is undeveloped. The Masonic Lodge wants to sell the land to developers. The Cemetery Association says that the land is theirs and wants to expand the cemetery into it. black long sleeve homecoming dress
This cemetery has an active Cemetery Association and a large Perpetual Care Fund. The cemetery is still in use and is almost full. There are deeds listed in Vol W, p 502 & 503. They give the White Rock AF & AM Lodge 7 acres of land for a church and school.
Cemeteries of Collin County, Texas, by Joy Gough

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