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This is a nice tee drill for learning how to hit inside and outside. Read the description below for explanation. This will really help our youth and high school ball players.

-The first swing is for a pitch around the middle of the plate. Line up to the tee where the ball would be down the middle and where when you swing you'll hit it back up the middle.

-The second swing is for an inside pitch. To hit an inside pitch you must hit the ball out in front of you. Line up so th ... e ball is inside and more out front than your down the middle alignment. You have to get your hands and hips through but remember we're trying to keep it fair also.

-The third swing is for an outside pitch. You must let outside pitches travel farther than down the middle or inside pitches. Line up so the ball is outside and in line with somewhere within your body. You can see I make contact with the ball as if the pitch traveled all the way back to the centerline of my body if you made a line from the ball to me. black and blue homecoming dresses

Basically the more inside the pitch the more out front you hit it. The more outside the pitch the more you let it travel.

This helps get rid of those weak ground balls and pop ups off the end of the bat and handle.

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