beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Why discriminate against one's beliefs?
Just because i am not in to tradition it does not mean ke iketsa better.

I don't believe in traditional rituals such as cleansing ceremonies, having to mourn for your husband who died by drinking some muti/herbs, treating a baby's sunken fontanelle, ancestral ceremonies or anything to do with ancestors. That's me.


Now u blocking me for being me?? That's why i always ignore talking about such coz Di cause too much conflict and misinterpretations. That's who we are ko gae, we are just Godly. My sister lost her husband years back and was forced to mourn (traditionally) and she refused yet She is fine nd not sick or dead. This is because she doesn't believe in such. beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

What you believe will affect you. So please, o ska mbora. Leave me with my God and I'll leave u with your ancestors.

Ko batla monna wa lekgowa nna struu.


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