DorrisWedding quinceanera gowns with jacket

Truth is, I skipped everyone else to do yours first. Hmm where to start offf. Well you're my bestfriend yuuurp d'uh (: And it's gonna be crazyyy later! We have our ups and downs but that only shows how much we care about eachother...ehich results in fighting about whats right and whats wrong.. -_- "can you pee with a tampon in?" LMFAO. oh god. and oh, the lunch ticket and bathroom game, how do you spell enter? some good memories from elementary. Thank the lord youre home from italy. i was mentally breaking downnn, just 5 and a half more months till i go.... wellll i love youuu! latina loser outt DorrisWedding quinceanera gowns with jacket <3

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