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Hello. I'm brand new to this group. My 61 year old Mum was diagnosed with AA a couple of days ago (although they've said it's not presenting typically) and they're going to start IST as soon as they can get a Hickman line in. But they can't do that until they get her platelet count up. This week, despite receiving two units a day, her platelets are staying in single figures and have been as low as 2 on Monday, which was after they let her go home for the weekend so she went t ... hree days without any transfusions. Her HG is <7 (with blood transfusions which she's also having along with platelets), WBC 1.9 and neutrophils around 0.4. She's got blood blisters in her mouth and black stools so it's clear she's really unwell. But has anyone experienced this? What happens when the transfusions aren't effective enough to get her to the point where she can start treatment? My mum was otherwise healthy before her first symptoms showed up less than 4 weeks ago, and she had a normal CBC in April. Dorris Wedding wedding bridals wears in wholesale price

Sorry for the long post but if your experience is similar I would love to hear from you. It's a really scary time. Thanks. Pippa.

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