Dorris Wedding wedding bridal selections in champagne

I wouldn't normally post up things like this but i just have to share!!
I've always dreamed of walking into pennys and just lifting clothes from the rail and taking them home and fitting!! For the first time in my life im beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin! Not only weight wise but confidence and self esteem I feel I'm growing as a person and doing what I've always dreamt of doing! Helping others realise we only have one body one skin and we really really need to look after it. How we fuel ourselves and what nutrition we feed ourselves! Don't get me wrong I'm not a health freak but I'm slowly learning to adapt and change what I decide to eat and how much junk processed crap I now refuse to eat. Yes i still will allow myself a little treat! But I don't continue to keep wanting more. I'm discovering the benefits to my health and how it's improved drastically. So let me tell you all. . I've had PCOS and endometriosis for yrs. I've B12 deficiency and therfore suffered with anemia which always got worse in pregnancy needing infusions. And the dreaded old IBS. Now in 3months from changing my habits and adding Juiceplus daily I've ridden myself of IBS I'm slowing loosing weight. I've not had one injection Neo-Cytamen for my deficiency in 3months and best of all I feel great. My nails are growing my skin is getting better and my hair is becoming good again. Dorris Wedding wedding bridal selections in champagne
Back into my size 8 jeans. I could never have done this without Juiceplus. And I'll continue to keep taking my capsules everyday.

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