Dorris Wedding items to wear in the garden of the wedding

Just venting: Don't know what I did to damage my hip yesterday but I was in such agony I almost went to the hospital. I took a max dose of aspirin and ibuprofen propped myself up with pillows and fell asleep sitting up since I couldn't lay down without screaming. This morning is a little bit better but still bad, hopefully it will get better fast. On top of that I spilled coffee on my computer which sent me into a panic so now I have a splitting headache. In the process of cl Dorris Wedding items to wear in the garden of the wedding ... eaning it up I broke one of the keys. And on top of that the tooth that's been bugging me for months, I accidentally hit it while chewing the other day breaking it loose now it's on the verge of falling out of my head by itself and my dentist appointment isn't until next month. DAMN! On the bright side, the computer is still working, Steve is tolerating my extreme irritability and cooking us breakfast. Love that man! Vent over.

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