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Today in "conversations with Cambelle" we talked about thigh chaffing.
She was curious about the bumps on my inner thighs and we got to talking about how some people's legs touch together when they walk and some people's legs have a space between them.
And how sometimes when they touch you can get a rash, or from anything else rubbing on your skin like when her brother gets chaffe from his swimsuit.
She looked at her legs and decided that they touched together just like min ... e.
This is a trait I battled for many years, from a size 2 to 22 I have never had a thigh gap. Having this conversation with my daughter a few years ago would have probably been filled with disgust for my body and therefore would make her develop a sense of hate for something so natural as not having a thigh gap. Dorris Wedding empire style wedding wears with high waist
We have to be ready and willing to have these conversations in a neutral space so that we can allow our children to see bodies just as they are- not good, bad, or otherwise: just completely unique and perfectly made just for them.
Just do you babes!

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